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Hello, I’m Anthony.

Currently, I’m seeking full-time employment in front-end and Node.js development, either remotely or physically in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area. Contact me with the information in my résumé below, or via LinkedIn.

About me

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I’m an adept, mid-level software engineer with rich front and back-end experience across many languages, technologies, and frameworks. I have architected, implemented, and maintained DevOps practices and CI/CD processes in agile startup environments. My specialties include React, Angular, jQuery, and native JavaScript front-end development, Node.js application development, and implementation of development tooling and build processes.

My passion for technology started as latent interest at seven years old when I failed to compile a C++ “Hello World” program. Later in life, my self-taught tweaking of WordPress PHP templates as the managing editor of a student newspaper transformed my interest into a career. I seek roles at organizations who share my passion for emergent technology, provide solutions that improve everyone’s daily life, and are socially and environmentally conscious corporate citizens.

About this site

The rewrite of my personal website is in progress. I’m using this opportunity to experiment with some of the latest technologies—some new to me, some not—such as Next.js, React, MDX, and Material Components. The features include or will soon include:

Please check back soon!